Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dear Friends,
indiavikalp is a new entrant into the world of blogs but what brings it into existence is quite different from most other blogs. I live in Bihar and have been a journalist for many years first in Bombay then a TV journalist in Bihar....having seen the corrupt and the violent from close quarters for many years...but all along there is also a dream I have had ...I have a dream for a peaceful and prosperous India...and the more I see our politicians the more I am convinced that India needs a liberal alternative...an alternative that believes in giving India a chance. Hence, vikalp - which means an alternative. Anyone who believes in India can get in touch and even if you do not agree as liberals we believe in debate so this blog is a great place.
yes my name in manuwant choudhary.


rajesh said...

Dear Manu,
Cogratulations on getting this going, moreover, you have hit the bulls eye, with this story about an alive dalit being burried.
obviously, Media did not find this interesting enough to highlight,as politicians did not find enough outrage in the people to get a vote bank going, instead the likes of Mayawati and ramvilas paswan would rather make statements about a statute being vandalised.
making noise on this issue might have infact dented their vote banks, as it was there people burring this man.
to become a great leader. one does not have to garland other great leaders, but try to step in thier shoes and think what they would have done in situations like this.
what woul;d have the great babasaheb bhimrao done if he would have heard of this man being buried.
if ram vilas does wnat to become a leader of the dalits he should have captured the moment and started an agitation on this.
brought down the state govt.
anyway, do keep writing,
good job

JUPICON said...

Might is right is going to take too long to wipe off in this state. These MLAs, MLCs and Politicians have declared themselves as our AAKAs and MAAI - BAAP and at times they show their Feudal Face.
But still we are hopeful for this state