Sunday, February 25, 2007


Questions IIM, Wharton and Harvard Grads didn't Ask

1) Why are all the Gareeb (Poor) Rath (Chariot) trains only from Bihar?
2) Why are there no women TTEs and few women drivers in Indian trains??
3) Why doesn't Indian railways refund train fares when trains are late and passengers remain stranded for hours daily?
4) A government for the poor do not have chairs on platforms so most passengers generally squat on platforms?
5) Aam Aadmee and cellphones go together in todays India but still no cellphone charging facility in sleeper class trains?
6) Why is it that Indian railways achieve national integration like no other...railways smell the same nationally - of bad lavatories - and the food they serve are tasteless?
7) Why is commuting by a Mumbai Central local a human rights violation?
8) Why is there so much ticketless travelling....even cockroahes and rats?
9) Rats for company if you're lucky...or else dacoits and terrorists?
10) Who is the railway minister of Great Britain?

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