Friday, October 26, 2007

Naxal Violence Jharkhand


By Manuwant Choudhary

Former Jharkhand chief minister Babulal Marandi's son Anup is among the 17 killed in a naxal attack in Jharkhand's Chilkhadi village around 1 a.m. today.
50 naxals in CRPF uniforms sat amongs the crowd at a village performance and attacked during the end of the cultural show...naxals included women.
In March Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MP Sunil Mahto was similarly shot dead by naxals.
This just goes to prove that the creation of the new Jharkhand state was a big. big mistake.
As a journalist covering Bihar..I was quite alone in opposing the bifurcation of the state.
The BJP thought they could never defeat Laloo in a united Bihar so why not divide the state and keep Jharkhand to themselves and leave a divided Bihar to floods and Laloo.
Its an irony that Laloo is ruling Jharkhand and BJP and Nitish have to now deal with the serious problems of poverty and floods in Bihar.
Meanwhile, naxals have grown in strength, they enjoy political patronage and even when Babulal Marandi was chief minister of Jharkhand he offered money to the naxals to surrender. Many did surrender, took the governments money and rejoined the naxals again.
Indiavikalp condemns the recent naxals violence in Jharkhand even while Sonia Gandhi tours communist China.

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