Monday, November 12, 2007




By Manuwant Choudhary

The past year has seen largescale violence in West Bengal's Nandigram over the Special Economic Zone issue where farmers refuse to give up their land for SEZs but the past week has seen violence unimaginable in democratic India and if ever President's Rule can be justified its for cases like this and Narendra Modi's Gujarat.
Yet, we see the centre falter once again. The media says `Congress reacts strongly to Nandigram' but we don't hear even a whimper instead a dignified Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi (a real Gandhi descendant) going to buy peace from Marxist veteran Jyoti Basu.
If Mahatma Gandhi were alive he would be walking the paddy fields of Nandigram and perhaps in todays India he would be attacked by the Marxists just as they are killing ordinary people, undermining the judiciary and attacking the press and Governor.
Yet, there is no President's Rule in West Bengal.
And no President's Rule in Gujarat.
Article 356 when used in India is mostly for political reasons and now when its not used also its for political reasons only.
So if this constitutional provision cannot be used for the right reasons by our elected representatives then it just needs to be scrapped.
Let the people of India defend themselves from the political parties.

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