Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fidel Castro Resigns


They say the worst don't get shot in revolutions they just get old and infirm and perhaps this can be said of Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro, who after years of false alarms of his imminent death, has finally announced that he will not be Cuba's leader for another term due to health reasons.
A shock to his supporters and those who view him as an icon who frustrated 10 US Presidents as the CNN describes him but its a relief for those who left Cuba with a return ticket in the 50's thinking the revolution will be over in days. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months into years...is how CNN describes the endless wait for those Cubans living in the United States of America yearning to return home. And how Fidel allowed those disenchanted with his regime to leave Cuba in batches and when he didnt they fled in dingies under cover of darkness.
BBC too has a site `Have Your Say' on the Cuban leader. I'd just read a few interesting ones that I'd like to share:

"Castro is a dictator." Jack Hughes, Wellington

"But Cuba has better health service than we so not all bad! So go and live there!!" Anon

"Er, why do Cubans risk their lives in dingies to get to the USA." J.Azzy

"Castro's legacy is that Communism only works if you live on a remote island with a warm climate." Griff, Cardiff, Wales.

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