Friday, March 14, 2008



Monks and ordinary Tibetans take to the streets in Tibet's capital Lhasa and since 1989 for the first time there are reports of rioting...BBC says a police vehicle has been burnt.
The Chinese authorities have meanwhile blocked the four main monasteries and there are fears that China may clamp down further.
Some monks have already been injured in clashes with the Chinese police.
Tibetans are also burning all Chinese products.
This is despite China's claims that the situation is under control.
A few days back Tibetans in India attempted to cross the Himalayas back home but were prevented from doing so by the Indian police, who said this is in violation of the agreement the Dalai Lama has had with India.
Recent protests show that patience is running out and this could further intensify in the Olympic year...without a solution to Tibet China's human rights record will never be set right.
CNN says China blames only the Dalai Lama for this whom they refer as `a globe-trotting thorn for China'.

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