Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gayane Chichakyan - Russia's New Face

By Manuwant Choudhary

The girl in the photo isn't my new girlfriend, she is Gayane Chichakyan - Russia's new face.

Forget Putin and the Russian politicians if you want to understand the changes in Russia and how it views the world you have to watch RT or Russia Today.

Gayane is a reporter with RT based in Moscow and she represents a new Russia - young, glamorous and sensitive.

RT in its slick presentation is a challenge to BBC and CNN...many of their reporters are US educated and their interviews out of Washington are indepth and reflect `the other side' something western media dont want the world to know about.

The Ayalona Show is a huge success, although Ayalona has a socialist slant its well presented with an intelligent humour.

The RT website is also viewer friendly with a live feed. Where else can u get a story on how America's FBI manufactures terrorists, or how Singapore's land mass has grown by 20 pre cent in 50 years by sandfilling, or how spam has been reduced by 50 billion spams after the arrest of a single spammer!

CNN has also become a spam...with Sarah Snider insisting India's growth rate is amazing at 9 per Viagra!

And with the BBC budget being cut wonder whats going to happen to news.

Forget Indian journalism, we are just crude immitations of the western media.

Do we make people think?

George Watts is RTs interpretor and translator - a Canadian - he lives in Moscow for many years. Once when he drove around Moscow many years ago a policeman stopped his car and asked him where he was from. When he replied he was from Canada the policeman questioned "What a Canadian spy?"

George replied yes he was a spy.

The policeman waived a hand "Go away, go away."

George says he is still trying to figure out why the cop let him go!

Ofcourse, RT does have old Soviet hands whose On Air Talent is only to ridicule America but its fun to watch.

Coming back to Gayane Chichakyan...she says her life as a reporter has been a rollercoster ride..seeing places she would never see..meeting people she would otherwise never meet...comparing reporters to doctors who generally get called in when something terrible happens. But she adds, "We also get called when something good happens."


aaws3556 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Yuri said...

This girl, Gayane Chichakyan, is a professional and obsessive liar. Being a reporter on the Russian-owned RT America TV channel, she tells lies every day about the events in Ukraine and Russia, actively following the talking points she receives from Putin.

Anonymous said...

Yuri, you stupid idiot have you followed world affairs in the past 20-30 years?!?! You probably are a NAZI scumbag, uneducated, peasant! Your comment is absolutely rediculous to say the least!!!

Anonymous said...

So.. The world is split in two, the russians and the nazi?

Anonymous said...

RT is propaganda of sorts. But propaganda does not work if its all lies. Modern propaganda is 90% truth and does its manipulation through perspective and selection. RT doesnt lie any more than any other news outlet. My guess is that RT lies slightly less, since they are the new kid on the block they need any leverage they can get. And truth is leverage.

mit sengupta said...
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mit sengupta said...

Can someone please tell me what is the age of Gayane Chichakyan in 2014?

Anonymous said...

I love RT as it provides FaCTS. I started watching LIVE and reading it since it was told by American politicians NoT to watch got my curiosity...
Now I know why...they are worried the truth is exposed! And their lies are exposed....