Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not Indian Students, Radio Tag S M Krishna

By Manuwant Choudhary

It is shocking to see 30 Indian students being radio-tagged in the United States simply because the university `Tri-Valley' closed down and US authorities say instead of confining students the radio collar is a better alternative.

And our foreign minister S M Krishna seems to agree with the US and says that more than a lakh students go to the US, so radio tags for a dozen students should not be an issue.

Surely, if this is his view then I would say we should radio tag SM Krishna and all our cabinet ministers.

At least we will know what and where they go.

And surely, in a billion plus population a dozen ministers being radio-tagged will not matter.

As for the US, they must investigate their own visa procedures rather than radio-collar legitimate students whose only fault was they did not know the university would fold-up.

There are enough fake universities in Bihar and India, why would they spend so much to go to the US for a fake degree?

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