Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Prime Minister Defends His Ministers, Only

By Manuwant Choudhary

Every Indian Prime Minister have their own style like Nehru's white sherwani's with thered rose, Lal Bahadur Shastri's simple dhoti-kurta, Indira Gandhi's sarees, Morarjibhai's Gandhian cap, Rajiv's shawl slung across his shoulders, Vajpayeejee's poetry, VP Singh's Muslim cap, Chandra Shekharji's brutal honesty that India's parliament should not discuss corruption, and Manmohan Singh's sky blue turban.

But Manmohan Singh looks more peculiar by the day.

Before it was just an intellectually high forehead and his wave that looks like he is dusting his home furniture.

Now its not just his gestures but what he has been saying makes one feel its time for him to go.

Like his latest from abroad, "I will defend my ministers."

But if you defend your ministers then who will defend the people?

I would say he is responsible for the 2 G Mess. Like if it was public policy that the spectrum prices be kept low then why doesn't the Prime Minister say so.

His ministers are going to jail one by one so its hard to believe the Prime Minister is even defending his own ministers.

And his other statement aimed at the western powers that they must not be involved in regime change. Did the Libyan leader Muamma Qaddafi call Dr. Manmohan Singh and should he have been allowed to bomb his own people?

I wonder what our Prime Minister has to say on Indira Gandhi's role in the creation of Bangladesh?

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