Saturday, February 2, 2013

Future Prime Ministers of India

By Manuwant Choudhary

Indians and the Indian media seem more concerned with future prime ministers than the future of India.

Like Gujarat chief minister is attending the Mahakumbh in Allahabad with the belief that if the naked sadhus like him then so will all of india.

I am not so sure...and Baba Ramdev does not like the Congress but does he like the BJP?

But Narendra Modi really needs a dip in the sangam...

As for Rahul Gandhi's emotional speech at Jaipur, he said `when I got up this morning it was night'!

And the Congress Party really has not heard of a translator as Rahul chose to speak in Hindi and English to appease both North and South Indians. (such confusion)

But I did not yet see any brilliance in what Rahul said and am not sure how his speech made the grand old party reach orgasm !

Everyone including Manmohan chacha hugging Rahul baba.

The Congress Party strategy was to make Priyanka Gandhi Prime Minister but that Kejriwal fellow ruined it all with corruption allegations aagainst Robert Vadra.

But the BJP is also Poora corrupt and is so relieved to get rid of their Poortee President Nitin Gadkari (more relieved than getting rid of the Congress itself)

The BJP used to be project itself as a tough party - the only party that could defend and protect Hindus and India.

But with stories from Pakistan that their General Parvez Musharraf actually spent a night across the Line of Control just before the Kargil war shows how Vajpayee and the BJP slept like Kumbhkaran  in New Delhi.

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