Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dividing Andhra Pradesh Is Anti-India

By Manuwant Choudhary

It may not be unconstitutional to divide an Indian state and article 3 does confer the Parliament the right to do so..but this same article also gives them the power to redraw the boundaries or to unite states..but have we heard of any case where Parliament wants to unite two states?

The BJP Prime Minister aspirant Narendra Modi says that when the NDA's Vajpayee government divided Bihar they did not sow poison but love and Biharis are happy that their state was broken up.

Now this is a complete lie.

Biharis were never happy with that decision and even now Nitish Kumar keeps asking the centre for an economic package and special status.

He has got neither from the Congress.

A secular Nitish Kumar could  not even manage an alliance with the Congress Party for 2014.

So he is now in some Federal Front !

Jagan Mohan Reddy also says that the way his state is being divided is undemocratic and that it has never been done like this before.

Even he is wrong.

There is an activist in Bihar Dr. Suman who is on a silent protest for more than ten years now...protesting against the division of Bihar.

He does not speak at all - not even in private - he fights a legal battle for Bihar in India's Supreme Court and carrying out his awareness movement on the streets of Bihar by writing on pieces of paper and through pamphlets.

I met him recently after many years and he still does not utter a word.

On a piece of paper he scribbled..."See what has happened to Jharkhand...Koda and everybody in many of them..."

The Congress Party is an opportunist party and like at independence they agreed to India's partition now for their own electoral survival dividing states is nothing.

But I wanted to see whether the Congress Party expressly stated in their manifesto that they will create a new state Telengana.

And no...their 2009 Election Manifesto talks about Balance and balance and balance but nothing about Telengana.

On Regional aspirations this is all that is says, "• We will continue to be sensitive to regional aspirations
The Indian National Congress is aware that in some large states the persistence of intra-regional imbalances in development has given rise to the demand for separate states. While it has launched a number of special programmes and schemes for such regions, recognising the legitimacy of these concerns and acknowledging that solution may vary from one state to another, the Indian National Congress will find pragmatic solutions to deal with these demands.
Is the division of Andhra Pradesh a pragmatic solution? 

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