Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How India's politicians empower women?

By Manuwant Choudhary

Just a few days ago the RSS issued an official statement that they are against live-in relationships and they do not agree with even the Supreme Court's views on live-in....

And now it is discovered that K.C. Kannan (52) their own official - a Sahsarkarvyavah, which means a joint secretary, is having an affair with a woman and so the RSS expels him.

RSS pracharaks are supposed to be celibate.

The RSS is more catholic than even the Pope!

Kananan was the third person in the RSS hierarchy and even tipped for the top job.

So they have expelled him from the RSS.

But unusually the RSS is silent on affairs of its other pracharak...Shri Narendra Modi...or his relationship with a woman with whom he had doodh-pauva..for Rs.12000 as revealed through an RTI.

And the same woman when suspected of having an affair with an IAS officer....its alleged Modi sent the state intelligence sleuths after her...

She is also a promoter of a power company which has done remarkably well under Modi's rule...

Modi talks about his 56-inch chest at almost every other public meeting...so Shobha De asks if its ok for women to speak like that about their D cup !

But Rahul seems most earnest to empower women.....but not just Arnab even I don't understand what he means by that...

The women reservation bill is still stuck in parliament..and political parties and their leaders don't give enough tickets to women on their own.

Mulayam and Laloo are the first to oppose the lipstick women in parliament.

The women politicians are a different breed Mayawati, Jayalalitha and Mamata...men shiver under their gaze....

But here we are talking about normal women...who carry wood on their heads to cook or still walk 15 kms to  bring safe drinking water to their homes or don't feel safe while returning from a movie in the evenings...and have to constantly be bothered about holding hands with someone they love.

India's political parties may pay lipservice to `Womanistan'  but they have done precious little to improve their lives.

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