Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Journey Across The Sand Dunes Of Rajasthan 2

By Manuwant Choudhary

Its really not the throne that makes kings...its the qualities he or she may have.

So I do not agree with Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he suggests that the Maharaja of Air India be replaced with an `Aam Aadmi'...

If Air India continues to offer sloppy government babu-type services with awful will never regain its former glory.

The Maharaja symbolises something out of  the ordinary.

So at Jaipur's City Palace when you see the giant silver vessels the Maharaja took to England by ship just to carry Ganga Jal (the only water he consumed) you kind of get a feel for what our former rulers were all about.

Today our Ganga is just too polluted.

Prime Minister Modi even before his swearing-in took an oath to save the Ganga.

He was all over twitter but now he is Manmohan much so that Outlook has carried a story titled UPA 3!

During elections he promised to make all Indians happy in 60 months !

But Natwar Singh has written a book "One Life Is Not Enough"!!

I don't trust either.

I too am interested in India's future but for that I look at young Indians not to our leaders.

And the market.

Our bazaars have existed since ancient times even before the `rupiya''when we did barter...a goat for four hens...

Roaming the bazaars of Jaipur I thought about what is really Indian about India?

I am not against the air-conditioned malls or the superchains..but I wish in doing so India does not lose its own culture..

What is it that we  can offer the world?

And how by allowing the winds from foreign shores we can become richer like the Hindu-Islamic architecture of Jaipur's City Palace.

At Gem Palace, a high street jewellery store, I really wanted to be rich!

It has amazing Indian designs so I promised the lady I will return once my blog hits a jackpot like Flipkart !

A visit to Bapu bazaar is a must ...and I really liked the numbered shops minus the hoardings...

A market is a place where one person cheats the other....but shopping in Jaipur you will never feel that way.

For the really adventurous there is Sikar bazaar (which looks like markets in Bihar) but their banners read "All Products Below Sale Price"!

My mouth waters at the sights and smell of some amazing streetfood...Dosas and Golgoppas !!!

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