Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Cat & Mouse Game In Bihar

By Manuwant Choudhary

Manjhi has rattled Nitish Kumar...and never before has Nitish been available for TV interviews so easily as now.

And why even Manjhi gets a fair share of airtime because of his utterances.

Like he called uppercastes `foreigners' and later called upon migrant workers not to leave their wives behind as they would have sex with other men !

But on TV what shines are not his words but his teeth.

I wonder what toothpaste he uses or datun (neem twig) perhaps.

Though toothpaste companies are not lining up at 1 Anne Marg just yet.

For all you may be because of his diet...Rats !

There is a cat & mouse game going on in Bihar...and Nitish is spending some sleepless nights...

Just yesterday Manjhi confessed at a public meeting that he takes cuts on every bridge pillar that is built in Bihar.

What he implies is that if he takes cuts then so did his predecessor...its common which case if he is to be jailed then so should Nitish Kumar.

And I do not agree that there is horse-trading in Bihar.

Just rat trading !

And this will go on till the Manjhi government strength is tested on the floor of the house.

The BJP is ecstatic at recent developments and Nitish Kumar looks for words to explain his predicament.

After all how could a man he handpicked to be chief minister turn out to be so wrong....

The BJP says this is normal.

But the BJP forget the Ramayana so easily...when Ram was to go on his 14 year vanvasa (exile)...he asked his brother Bharat to ascend the throne.

But Bharat refused..instead asked for Ram's khadaun (wooden slippers) which he placed on the throne and looked after the kingdom until Ram's exile ended.

Essentially, this is how Manjhi should have behaved.

But this is Kalyug and Manjhi is no Bharat.....he is rather Bhasmasura...the demon blessed by Shiva that he could destroy anyone on whom he placed his hand...

Bhasmasura decided his first test would be Shiva...

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