Tuesday, March 24, 2015

0 Mile

By Manuwant Choudhary

0 Mile: If I were Anna Hazare fighting for farmers, I would fast right here...a stones throw away is the shut Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation...I would demand either the Indian government re-open this or return the land to the farmers from whom it was acquired.

The HFC is a ghost town.

While farmers have to buy Urea in the black market.

I watched NH 10 and it sure  is a violent film.

I could watch it again with Anushka Sharma.

Gurgaons night life, the shiny sky-rises...and then the wilderness beyond - caste - honour killings.

From the film I did get it that the Toyata Fortuner is  good ...and the Mahindra Scorpio is a goon !

But 0 Mile is worse.

Its a story of how socialism has destroyed India completely.

I drove around this ghost town...and cried.

Modi Sarkar is just as greedy as the Congress.

If I were Anna I would not make common cause with the Congress land bill...70 per cent consent or whatever is bullshit..rather I would talk about restoration of first principles - the right to private property.

The Indian government has acquired enough land in the past 66 years (the Indian railways is India's biggest landlord)....and they still want more...this time to give it to the private sector.

Even Gurcharan Das should stop calling himself a liberal as he writes "Even a farmers son needs jobs."

I would say, "Even a tycoon eats food".

The debate should never have been between jobs and farmers interests...rather on the basic right to private property.

It is ironical that its the Anna's and the leftists who often fight for private property...while the liberals put up a front for corporates.

This is what happened with Enron....

The Medha Patkars stole the show while liberals in India have remained absent.

Not just the HFC...in Bihar there are 55 public sector companies..who have thousands of acres of land under them...totally abandoned.

Their net asset value is 0.

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