Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Saffron Guruji In A Black Scorpio !

By Manuwant Choudhary

On a national highway in the middle of nowhere I sat in my  car when a black Scorpio whizzed past and then some 300 metres away it screached to a halt.

Then it a drunken snake...but again stopped some 50 metres away.

Living in Bihar one has to be alert at all times against Kidnappers and dacoits...even ancient Chinese traveller Huen Tsang was robbed twice on his journey.

The Scorio had a Punjab number and from a distance all I saw through the tints is a huddle of saffron.

Then a burly man....tall, beareded and well-built..gets down and approaches my car....he requests me to hear him out.

At first I am not sure but then he says, "Sir, my Guruji is in the Scorpio and he wishes to meet me."

I am still not sure.

He pleads again, "Sir, if you don't meet him our car will not go ahead. Aisa hota nahin hai kabhee Guruji ke saath...(Guruji does not stop like this ever...)

So I got down from my car and walk up to the Scorpio.

On the front seat I meet a smiling Guruji with large bright eyes, a silver flowing beard..he looked happy to see me...behind in the vehicle were saffron clad men...all tall and burly...and looking bewildered.

Guruji, "Aapko shanka to nahin huee?" (Hope this did not scare you?)

Me: "Yes, it did...."

Guruji: Maine aapko dekha nahin thaa...main to dhyan mein tha aur devi ne kaha ki peeche bhakt hai. (I did not see you because I was in deep meditation when Goddess Durga told me to stop as she wanted me to meet you."

On the dashboard photos and the red chunree of of Goddess Durga were kept right across...the vehicle was air-conditioned...and the Guruji looked as if he was from a prosperous muth (religious centre).

Aaapka Naam (Your name?)

Me: Manuwant

(His folowers shouted loudly JAI HO..everytime I said something just like in Slumdog Millionaire).

Guruji: Aaap karte kya Ho?

Me: I am a farmer....


Guruji: Main theerth par Ganga Sagar (confluence where the Ganga meets the Sea) ja raha hoon...tumhien jo chahiye maang lo..main dilaoonga)

Me: Aaap sirf wahan jaakar dhyan kar dijiyega (Just meditate for me)

Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho...

Guruji: Kya aap inke ratri bhojan ke liye Rs.1100 de sakte hain?

Taking out my wallet..I could find only Rs.700 which I gave him..."That is all I have..."

Guruji: Koi baat nahin...dene mein koi kasht to nahin...(Is it a problem to give the money?)

Me: Nahin. (No)

Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai ho, Jai Ho...

They seemed such a jolly lot...I would have given them lunch and dinner.

And thinking about it I never asked him for anything.

But this was ten days before the Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif break-up !

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