Saturday, November 12, 2016

ATM Bhagwan - India Is In Queue !

By Manuwant Choudhary

Hindus already have 33 million Gods but thanks to Modiji they have just discovered one more God - ATM Bhagwan !

Even cremating black money the Hindu burning...or a dip in the holy Ganga or Mahananda or Brahmaputra by throwing the black money in it is not going to wash away the sins anymore.

Not even on Poornima (the full moon)

There is a `Satellite Baba' in Patna...who has made many predictions like Rabri becoming chief minister to Laloo going to Lord  Ganesh drinking milk.

So I went to see him.

He was in deep meditation..with old 500 and 1000 rupee currency stuck on his trishul..looking like Shiva himself.

As I entered his third eye opened...

"Bol Bum...bol bum...jai shiv shankar...dushman ko tang kar."

I asked him babaji i have only two bananas to offer you, no money, but I need you help.

Satellite Babaji, "Bol Baccha."

Me: "When will I be able to withdraw money?"

Babaji: "Tum ATM bhagwan ka jaap karo."

Me: But I already worship Lakshmi....the God of Wealth..."

Babaji: No that alone will not help..Lakshmiji is just about money and if government takes money away then she is gone.

Me: But I am not so rich....Will ATM Bhagwan listen to my prayers? ATM Bhagwan gives only what I give to him...not more not less...but I am a poor man..

Babaji: Do rupaye daloge to do rupaye hee milega...

Me: But what God does Modiji worship? With one announcement overnight all of India's money has gone into his pocket. Is it his 56 inch chest?

Babaji: Bewakoof...56 inch seena se koi teri jeb tak kaise pahunchega...common sense..jeb tak pahunchne ke liye 56 feet ka haath chahiye...

Me: But is that possible?

Babaji: First all Hindu women should go on a fast like Anna Hazare..

Me: But why?

Babaji: Tabhee ATM Bhagwan kush honge......Bol Bum..Bol Bum...Jai Shiv Shankar...dushman ko tang kar....ATM Bhagwan ki Jai....!

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