Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Godman Chandraswami - An Encounter

By Manuwant Choudhary

Controversial Godman Chandraswamy is dead....age 66. If India's much feared Enforcement Directorate (ED) could not get him...then it says a lot about how India is being run.

Among Chandraswamy's followers were India's Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, Chandra Shekhar, Rajiv Gandhi...and virtually who's who of Lutyen Delhi.

He was also a suspect in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Born Nemi Chand Jain in Alwar Rajasthan...he went on to become a Tantric and was India's most influential wheeler-dealer Godman.

International arms dealer Adnan Khashogi was also his follower.

I met Chandraswamy once.

As a reporter in Bombay with the Afternoon Despatch & Courier I got a scoop that Chandraswamy is visiting....

I am not sure how I gathered the courage to go all the way to Dadar at 9 pm...it was quite dark..and Dadar itself is a leafy suburb with those old colony houses.

I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to meet the Godman.

Outside the house there was a flurry of activity with cars all lined up....mercedez and contessas.

I was quite surprised that when I said I was a reporter I was easily allowed into the house..the room was not well lit....but here I was sitting face to face with the Godman.

Chandraswamy looked dangerous.

All kinds of things went on in my mind..what if I asked him a `touchy' question he may use his Tantra on me.

How does a reporter interview a corrupt, dangerous, holy man ?

I simply had no clue.

Yet, I recall mustering courage to ask him my question...but he just stared at me.

He had this stick with a shiny diamond like magic wand in his hand...his eyes looked deadly and red.

I thought this may be my last night...I may not be able to get back home.

After a few times..the host tells me that Guruji is on a maun vrat (vow of silence).

We sat opposite each other for 20 minutes or so....and I did report on this darshan of Chandraswami...

Just to build my silent interview I said let me see who his followers are...perhaps some Bollywood heroes...and as I looked around I see this Blue Contessa...(early 90s this was the best car available) come into the drive way and out came Gulshan Grover, a Bollywood villain.

Chandraswamy's chela was India's Prime Minister Narasimha Rao but that evening I spent in the company of eminent villains.

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