Wednesday, July 25, 2007



By Manuwant Choudhary

Even as India's first woman President took her oath swearing to protect the Indian constitution and thanking the electors who elected her (Congress and the Communists did so because she was a woman) another story from New Delhi flashed across news channels...that Super Cop Kiran Bedi had been superceded by a man for the post of Delhi's police commissioner.
An upset Kiran Bedi told reporters, "I am going on leave and I am most upset that my seniority and merit have both been ignored. I will also take legal opinion whether I have a legal recourse to this."
When asked further on CNN IBN why the bosses did this to her, she replied, "The message is `Toe the Line', thats all...its not about policing....."
The Congress Party elected Pratibhaji as President because she is a woman but isn't Kiran Bedi also a woman?
The Congress Party discriminated positively for Pratibhaji but not for Kiranji as rightly Supercop Kiran Bedi is a Man, the only man in the Indian police force!
Mrs. Kiran Bedi is an icon....and for most children....girls and boys..she will always be a person to emulate and aspire to be...long after people have forgotten who was the first woman President of India or who is the new Delhi police commissioner?
Kiran Bedi you're a hero....fight on...

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Anonymous said...

The writing on the wall was there for all of us, including Kiran Bedi, to read a long time ago:

Recall that she made a name for herself in traffic policing:

Recall also that she was never posted in the traffic police again:

She was in the Narcotics Bureau, in Goa, and in-charge of Tihar Jail!

Quite clearly, there is an active discouragement of professionalism and specialization.

Quite sad, when you consider how many bright people have been swallowed up by India's horrible civil services. Babudom is not for India's bright youth. They should stay well clear of the UPSC: which is where KK Paul, the outgoing Delhi Police Commissioner is headed - as a Member!