Sunday, July 29, 2007



By Manuwant Choudhary

Frequent flier 39-year-old Krishna Kumar Kahnani prefers not to fly at all these days after his harrowing experience aboard Air Deccan Flight DN 342 from Belgaum to Bombay on January 22 2007...a date he will never forget.
"I went to the toilet and there was no water so I picked up a bottled water just to wash my hands and the Air Hostess tells me `Why have you taken this water? You Idiot'....?"
"I explained that there is no water in the toilet and I don't mind paying...."
But the matter did not end there...An altercation began and I said, "Even Laloo's train has water and your big plane does not have water."
"I ask them to give in writing that this flight didn't have water in the toilet and the Airhostess and the flight attendant do give that in writing."
Mr. Kahnani then goes back to his seat and as the plane lands and Bombay airport...and comes to a halt...a man goes up to him and assaults him. Said Mr. Kahnani, "More people came and hit me amidst announcements that all the passengers must alight as soon as possible as there is trouble."
"They then took me out of the plane and soon I saw CISF personnel who came and said, `Flight hijack kar raha tha...Kahan hai hathiyaar? (You were hijacking the plane..Where is the arms?)..they kept hitting me until I fell on the tarmac and then they kicked me...I managed to call STAR News in Patna and they promised to send their Bombay team."
"I had hid the signed complaint paper in my socks but as I was being beaten up I realised that I would be killed so I handed them the paper and the CISF personnel shouted `Mil Gaya Hathiyaar'...(Found the Arms)....
Mr. Kahnani says he remembers two CISF personnel who assaulted him D.S. Shukla and S.S. Chauhan who took away his Blackberyy Pearl cellphone handset.
He was then taken to the CISF cabin and then Mr. Kahnani being a distributor for Reliance in Patna called up Reliance who came to his help and the Airport police moved in..sent him to Cooper Hospital and Bombay's local newspaper MidDay also arrived on the scene...
Mr. Kahnani returned to Patna on a Sahara flight next day and still cannot believe why he was assaulted so brutally, "Sir, they hit me so hard that there was no blood!"
But why did they think you were a terrorist? "I don't know...Sir...I am not even a Muslim, I am a Marwari but yes on my visiting card that I gave it had my telephone number 9893845786...`786' means Bismillah so they may have thought I was a Muslim..."
"Sir, we are Marwari's and come from a village in Rajasthan but our family god is Sarvar Sultan - a Muslim saint...If you come to my house you will see Hindu and Muslim Gods side by side..."
Mr. Kahnani returned home to Patna only to face more trouble, "So shocked was my wife with what happened to me that on India's Republic Day January 26 she ate poison ...God saved her..."

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