Sunday, August 12, 2007


Heavy rainfall in the catchment area of Nepal as well as in the flood districts of Bihar could bring severe floods for the second time within 72 hours.
Just when flood waters had receded and stranded people could move to safer places the second flooding could bring more harship, especially since there is still very little relief work being undertaken.
According to the latest Bihar government figures 183 people have died in the floods, 40 in boat accidents while 102 animals have died. But these are only government figures. Photojournalist Vikram Kumar who is in flood affected Darbhanga for the past two weeks says the number of people who have died due to the floods will be more than a thousand. "Even now people are facing great hardship living on embankments and on the roads with no shelter."
An embankment breach at Naugachia has already paralysed National Highway 31 and even the district of Champaran could face a severe second round flood.

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TV said...

It is nice to know that not all are divorced from the pain and misery of the flood affected people.