Monday, August 13, 2007

Rains Flood Patna


By Manuwant Choudhary

Rains bring Bihar's capital to a virtual halt - even schools shut down due to waterlogging after a 24 hour incessant rains.
The parks in posh Patliputra Colony turn into lakes with water entering ground floor homes even in those areas where this did not happen in the past.
Kankarbagh also remains waterlogged and in areas where the roads are not flooded there are traffic jams as people try to get on with life.
Patna's main problem is waterlogging due to clogged drains and a municipality that only collects taxes but does no work. The current flooding also exposes the Bihar governments claims that Patna's drains have been cleared. The Patna High Court monitors such issues but even they have not been able to improve the situation here.
Forget solving Bihar's flood problems if any government is able to solve Patna's problems the people of this state will be thankful.
Heavy rains continue in the flood districts as well and as Indiavikalp predicted Bihar could be in for a second round of floods.
For any problem Bihar's politicians think a package is the solution. No, Mr. Nitish Kumar Bihar does not need chief ministers with a begging bowl. Bihar needs a chief minister who can act and who make his government do some real hard work.

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