Thursday, September 27, 2007


"The only prison is fear, and the only freedom is freedom," Aung San Suu Kyi.

By Manuwant Choudhary

13 killed in Burma and more than 300 monks arrested by the military junta but there has been a muted reaction from the government in India.
Thankyou Karan Thapar for taking on the government of India on Burma on CNBC as well as exposing the response of the Indian media on Burma.
On the show former Indian Prime Minister Mr.I.K. Gujral said he was ashamed of the Indian response to Burma. "The Burmese fought for freedom alongside us against the British. We owe our freedom to them. Aung Saan's father was a student leader during our freedom struggle and I am shocked at the Indian governments response on the matter."
A two line printed text from India's foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee calling for restraint in Burma is all that India has offered.
Its certain the Indian government and the Congress Party are cowards.
No word from our Indian communists also who take to the streets at the drop of a pin.
News is also that China and Russia veto a resolution on Burma in the UN.
But the world is watching and internet sites like Facebook have a huge response on the Support Burma Campaign with more than 75,000 members worldwide in just a few days.
The campaign has emergency UN telephone numbers in Burma for people needing help and the movement calls upon all world citizens to wear red on Friday for freedom in Burma.

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Joseph Jagan said...

It is a disgrace that there has been little or no response from the Indian government to the atrocities committed on the people of Burma by their own Government. Even if the Burmese Generals were born on Burmese soil, they are no different from colonialists and profiteers everywhere, using the garb of military discipline to subjugate their own people. India which has experienced first hand the horrors of colonialism, should be first in line to condemn the Generals' repression without restraint. It is sad that a progressive Government like the current Indian Government is mute on the issue, swayed by short-sighted regional gains when it could have established itself as an Asian leader and model country.