Wednesday, September 26, 2007


By Manuwant Choudhary

Latest news from BBC is that police have arrested a few monks and attacked several others...even as thousands of monks take to the streets for the ninth day.
Analysts fear there could be violence just like what happened in 1988 but its also understood that the Buddhist monks in Burma are a moral authority and respected by all sections of society.
So its going to be a lot more difficult for the military junta to take BIG action against them.
CNN showed visuals of a junta Brigadier squatting on the floor reading a few lines of prepared text to the senior monks requesting them to abandon the protests or else the military will have to take action against them.
A few key monasteries in Rangoon have been surrounded by troops.
There is no doubt there is a relationship between pro-democracy activists and the monks and one report says when the monks protest reached Aung Saan Suu Kyi's residence the imprisoned leader was given a chance to have a glimpse of the outside world from her gates and she had a quiet tear.
Yes, no word from the Indian government on Burma.
Indian television channels are celebrating India's win in the T-20 World Cup but such is the overdose of celebrations that politicians like Sharad Pawar and Co...sit on the front row at Wankhede stadium while Team India sits at the back - hidden from the cameras.
And no Indian TV channel has a reporter in neighbouring Burma.
If Indian TV have a way..they would decide everything..right from the Indian Idol to T-20 World Cup to even settling Burma...through SMS.
As for the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi quietly becomes the general secretary of the party after losing the UP polls but to become India's Prime Minister one day.
If there is one family which loves Indian-style democracy its the Nehru-Gandhi family.
There is only one difference between Burma's military junta and the Nehru-Gandhi family - the latter don't belong to the official military - they call their army the Congress Party..
Not to be left behind the BJP's national president Rajnath Singh also appoints his son as general secretary.
And Sonia Gandhi's visit to China is final.

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