Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jharkhand is a failed State: Nitish Kumar

Jharkhand is a failed State, says Bihar's chief minister Nitish Kumar, after his party MLA Ramesh Singh Munda was killed by naxals in the most recent violence.
But its an irony that Nitish Kumar says this only when his MLA is killed especially since Nitish alongwith the BJP spearheaded the bifurcation of Bihar.
And another irony is that Nitish Kumar made this statement on the occasion of a book release by BJP politician Saryu Rai, a key beneficiary of Jharkhand.
I recall how hordes of politicians and IAS officers left Bihar for Jharkhand when the new state was formed in the year 2000. It was a gold rush but some just escaped pending corruption cases in an old and decaying Bihar.
One IAS Mithilesh Kumar an ADC to Bihar Governor Vinod Chandra Pandey belonged to the Jharkhand cadre but he overstayed in Bihar, and as the Bihar politicians upped their campaign against him I asked him why he was not going to Jharkhand and he replied, "The waters of the river Falgu has become murkier than the Ganga!"
Now one can say its become `bloody'.
Nitish Kumar calls upon all politicians to do something about Jharkhand.
I would say instead all politicians who supported the division of Bihar should just resign from active politics and take full moral responsibility for what is happening in Jharkhand.

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