Tuesday, July 8, 2008



By Manuwant Choudhary

After months of threats and holding the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh literally hostage to left whims, the left parties finally have withdrawn support, even as Congress claims to have mustered up the numbers from other parties like the Samajwadi Party and even individual MPs have suddenly become more powerful than the Indian PM himself.
I am not a supporter of the nuclear deal but the withdrawal is unprecedented since the PM is in Tokyo and its for the first time in Indian history that on a foreign tour a Prime Minister has lost his support.
It says a lot to the extent the left parties can go to for their self-serving poilitcs.
Propriety demanded that they wait for the PM to return and then they could have withdrawn support.
But forget propriety, left leaders say its the PM who shot his mouth while airborne 30,000 feet in the air.
But as Congressmen point out that the PMs statement that India will be going to the IAEA was nothing new and in fact the sixth Congress-Left talks on the issue agreed that India could go to the talks but the outcome must be reprted back to the committee before the final go-ahead.
Then why were the left parties threatening the PM against opening his mouth.
Surely, if Mr. Prakash Karat was the PM and a journalist would ask a question, would he not reply?
But yes the Congress too has failed to live up to the coalition `dharma' by behaving as a majority party (something its used to for decades).
The UPA-Left alliance happened for the sake of a secular agenda for the country.
Both the PM and the Left parties should have stuck to it.
I do not buy the argument that a nuclear deal is a now or never deal!!!
The current political untertainty if it benefits anyone it benefits the communal BJP and Mr.L.K. Advani, who is responsible for the violence in the Ayodhya movement which led to more Indians being killed than America's or George Bush's policies.
But the Congress Party has been sleeping with the left since independence and this has led to India becoming one of the poorest countries of the world.
If you have a friend like the Indian Left, who needs an enemy?
The Congress manifesto spoke of helping the `aam aadmee' or common man, but in their struggle for power they went nuclear.
Let prices soar.
I would vote for a leader who can tell me how to bring down oil prices.
So I would like to ask you whether this government is IAEA (aayeye) or JAYEYE (jaayeye)?

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