Friday, October 3, 2008


By Manuwant Choudhary

Asha Gill is the best travel presenter in the world.

Born in Pembury, Kent, UK, to an English mother (who is a teacher) and a Punjabi father, Asha spent much of her childhood in Malaysia. So it was natural, she says, for her to pack her bags after school and university in the UK, and return to Malaysia, where she is a TV travel presenter, writer, director, producer, veejay, DJ...u name it.....

Catch her on Lonley Planet - Six Degrees, globetrotting on Travel & Living, and you will understand when I say...that Asha can simply handle any bouncer in the world...anyone...and anything...even a football with nipples! (as in Buenos Aires)

She is also a human rights activist and shocked only when her butts are grabbed on a Mumbai street! (she says she cannot understand such pedestrian rights!!)

Her laugh is infectious, her smile beautiful and she truly makes television and the cities she travels to come alive.

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