Sunday, March 29, 2009


By Manuwant Choudhary

When the world switched off its lights yesterday to mark the earth day to show concern over carbon emissions I was hoping they would send some electricity to my village in Bihar.

I waited for an hour but none came.

I've waited for a year, for five years and even ten.

My parents have waited for 50 years and when my father passed away he saw no hope he would ever see Bihar with 24 hour electric supply.

He even gave some land to the Bihar Electricity Department to build a power station in the hope that electricity would come.

My mother still talks about electricity.

Perhaps, people talk because in the villages life is slow and one runs out of talking points and so lets say something about the electricity that has eluded us.

So I am not green..the Bihar government is, denying electricity to all of Bihar.

I do not care much for Chinese products but this smuggled LED rechargeable light really works and lights up a room for four hours easily and costs only Rs.150.

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