Thursday, September 2, 2010

welcome rahulji, but shoot the dalits

Everything can be managed in India..even murder....just a few days before Rahul Gandhi's visit to Samastipur Congressmen shoot 6 persons, five of whom were dailts...even when Rahul Gandhi extorts Congressmen to spend nights in dalit homes...

The incident occurred at Kalichak where Sanjeev Singh, the son of Ashok Singh, opened fire to settle a minor rift..most injured were by-standers..they were taken to hospital but the local hospital seeing the public mood discharged them is feared dead but the police say no one died in the incident.

A shooter of Ashok Singh has been arrested but police are yet to arrest Sanjeev Singh...and say they cannot find him..
Sanjeev Singh's cousin is Prasahant Sagar alias Mantuji- the Congress candidate from Ujiarpur.

The violence occurred with full knowledge of the local police.

There is no doubt the Congress Party is a party of chamchas..see how Sonia Gandhi is elected unopposed but this incident also shows that the Congress has blood on its hands if it allows such persons like Sanjeev Singh and Prashant Sagar to be members and office bearers of their party.

In Saharsa the wives of gangsters like Pappu Yadav and Anand Mohan Singh shared the dias with Rahul Gandhi, just as a Maoist shared a dias with Rahulji in Orissa recently. Is Rahul Gandhi promoting criminals? And whatever happened to the security cover given to Rahulji? Or Rahulji has no threat from criminals and Maoists, his only threat is the `aam aadmee' who have to stop by the road to allow passage to VIP Rahul.

And before I forget even Sadhu Yadav is now a Congressman.

So its not surprising why distinguished Mr.K.J. Rao..who successfully held the Bihar elections....and became a hero ...actually failed to clean up the Congress Party.

Bihar can be revived but minus the Congress.

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