Saturday, August 28, 2010

UP Farmers Fight Against Mayajaal!

By Manuwant Choudhary

A few years ago I recall driving from New Delhi to Bihar and I surprisingly discovered farmers in western Uttar Pradesh to be more progressive than farmers in other parts of India and I had written how I hoped one day all farmers would be so innovative and contribute to the country's wealth inspite of the governments.

So it pains me to see their farms are being taken away by the government to build not just a super highway but also malls and cities. Mayawati wants all of Uttar Pradesh to become Noida!

And the farmers are angry.

The anger ferments.

Some violence and farmers march to Delhi's parliament.

Politicians grab the moment and shed crocodile tears and express empty words for the farmers votes.

Digvijay Singh says farmers want more money (compensation).

Wrong and misleading.

The farmers simply don't want their land to be taken by any government so that they can pursue their vocation for life. Farming.

These protests are about `Private Property'.


How much money (compensation) will Digvijay Singh take to take `sanyas' from politics?

Digvijay Singh is only a soldier of the Gandhi pariwaar.

Rahul Gandhi is only a soldier for himself.

Sonia Gandhi is only a soldier for Rahul.

And Priyanka is a soldier for her family.

Speaking at a rally in Kalahandi notice what Rahul Gandhi told the tribals, "You have succeeded in raising your voice here and in Delhi and `outside'..and I have only made it heard in Delhi....This mountain is your God!."

What has the environment ministry to do with respecting Gods?

Rahul Gandhi is an extra-constitutional authority.

The opposition party the BJP missed the issue when they spoke of a naxal sharing the dias with is not Naxals but Christian groups from London who have taken up cudgels against Vedanta and Rahul Gandhi has simply listened to those outside forces.

Besides, minerals will always be found on mountains.

Should all of our mines in Jharkhand and elsewhere be shut down?

Environment is not about closing down mines but afforestation.

When I visited South Korea I saw how entire mountains were covered with mud and a net to hold them, grass was planted on them to hold them there and finally millions of saplings planted.

In contrast travel by train or road across India and you will see forests without trees, barren land stretching hundreds of acres with nothing growing on them. Not even a blade of grass. Even goats starve.

And Kalahandhi has seen the most starvation deaths in India but note Rahul Gandhi spoke to them about their Gods and not about their food.

And farmers are looked upon by governments only for votes not as contributors to society.

Minoo Masani would often say how Australians turned a desert into a garden and we turned a garden into a desert.

Notice how the CPI (M)'s Brinda Karat also sits on a dharna with farmers against Mayawati's land aquisition. Where was she in Singur and Nandigram?

Farmers must unite and under a single banner reject all compensation.

If the netas and governments do not listen they must bring down such immoral and illegal governments in Luknow and in Delhi.

Dillo Chalo!

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