Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aam Aadmi

By Manuwant Choudhary

Ever since our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said that he is the Prime Minister of only the `aam aadmi' I am trying to figure out whether I am aam or khas.

So I met his top man in the Prime Ministers Office and this is how our talk went:

Me: I just want to find out from you whether I am `aam aadmee' or not?

Officer: If you have walked to get here you are not aam aadmee.

Me: No, but I did see fuel costs have gone up.

Officer: You don't even hear what our Hon. PM said, he said aam aadmee use scooters and bikes...and thats why the price of petrol was reduced by 5 rupees.

Me: But I thought Diesel is the poor man's fuel....Well, I don't have a scooter or a bike. ...

Officer: The PM did not talk about the poor..he only talked about aam aadmee.

Me: But would you say Laloo Prasad Yadav is aam aadmee...he is after all son of a poor man.

Officer: No, no..he is not aam aadmee ...he is distributing buses to schoolchildren to beat Nitish Kumar's cycle gifts to girls.

Me: Yes, yes, I know but Laloo is so poor.....thats why his supporter took off his shirt and shouted slogans against our hon. PM. Was he aam aadmee..?

Officer: Didn't you see that joker was not aam aadmee...he was wearing VIP underwear and banyan!

Me: So you mean aam aadmee don't wear banyan...

Officer: Look I am too busy with Big Ticket Reforms..I don't know why you are wasting my time...everyone knows who is aam aadmee.

Me: Ok, Ok, let me take a aam aadmee R.K. Laxman's common man?

Officer: No, no...never...the PM never said `Common Man' he said aam aadmee..besides that common man looks like LK Advani, only kinder.

Me: I did hear the PM mention something about gas cylinders....that aam aadmee use 6 cylinders.

Officer: Thats right.

Me: But would I be aam aadmee because I use only 1 and I have still not used it in ten years.

Officer: What do you mean? Obviously, you are not aam aadmee.

Me: But why is 1 cylinder in ten years not aam aadmee?

Officer: Because the PM said the aam aadmee uses 6 cylinders every year....

Me: Look I am totally confused with this cylinder business....tell me what was the Prime Minister really talking about when he said all this thing about hard many cylinders does his BMW have?

Officer: 6 cylinder !

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