Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rape Of The Mind

By Manuwant Choudhary

Rape - every rape -  is shocking, not just those that take place closer home in Vasant Vihar in New Delhi or South Bombay.

The recent gangrape of a physiotherapist in New Delhi in a moving bus highlights not just the depravity of the act itself but also the fact that our so-called democracy is in shambles.

Criminals are not scared. They have never been scared -  not even at the stroke of midnight when the world slept and India awoke...

My grandfather actually slept at midnight when Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the tri-colour in 1947.

I asked him why and he told me, "I don't know why Nehruji chose midnight to hoist the flag. Only thieves and dacoits stay awake at that hour..."

So India has never been safe or free.

Its not because there are no laws but because India's justice system has collapsed completely.

So do not be fooled into believing that another law against rape would make things any better or women safer.

But this is exactly what our parliament would like us to believe.

So our MPs including Jaya Bacchan for a change spoke on this crucial topic `Law and Order'.

I really can't remember our MPs discussing law and order in recent times.

Nuclear deals, FDI deals, telecom deals but its no big deal really when governments can't even focus on their primary responsibility which is to make ever Indian feel safe.

They simply have no time for that.

They want to uplift the dalits by `reserving' even promotions in jobs.

Why? Because statistics show that even though Dalits got jobs over 60 years of reservations..they were rarely promoted.

But who is to blame for this? Surely, its the same Congress Party that has been in power for 60 years.

Not upper castes but the Congress Party is responsible for not promoting dalits even when they have the job.

Its the same with the new money-transfer scheme being launched...its only an admittance of their own corruption and failure of their welfare programs.

And our politicians rape our minds every day..ever moment...before elections and after...and we do not even know.

We believe they are working for the country...at least we would like to believe.

We think that every bill in parliament is brought to lift the masses out of poverty.

But there are no principles really.

Take the new Land Acquisition bill...they plan to broaden the definition of `public purpose' so private land can be stolen by the government and given to industry (private and public) for a song.

Of course to make it all look justifiable they have to place it in the garb of `democracy'..so they talk about 80 per cent and 70 per cent votes needed locally for land acquistions.

Look at the number of times they have amended our constitution....the one we gave ourselves at independence.

Gangrape !

Brute Majority!

Democracy !

They are all familiar.

Its about force.

Its violence.....

Our MPs have never heard about fundamental rights and they don't care.

In India fundamental rights are no longer important.

Right to property has been removed from the fundamental rights....

And our MPs can pass bills that violate every other fundamental right that still remains.

They believe they have been elected to trample on every single right.

So when they shed a tear on law and order.....I wonder why they don't give up their own Z-plus security cover.

Why don't Rahul Gandhi and L.K. Advani and Manmohan Singh become the `Aam Aaadmee' they claim to reperesent?

As for television....they too rape our minds....yesterday I got such a headache...RAPE, RAPE, RAPE...on all news channels..and they shout so much..each louder than the other....competing for our eyeballs but through our eardrums !

I have not seen a piece of investigative journalism in recent times....maybe Tavleen Singh was the last one.

But who reads the `Durbar' and that too in English?

Who cares how Sonia fights with Maneka because Maneka took out the foriegn dog buiscuits in the fridge and gave it to her own `desi' bitch?

You want more bills...you will get more....

Right to Work, Right to Promotions, Right To Food, Right to Shelter, Right To Pollute, Right To Rape......

We vote for them because we allow ourselves to be raped every election.

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