Monday, December 24, 2012

Reflections On The End Of The World At Bodh Gaya - 3

By Manuwant Choudhary

Forget the Arnab Goswami's and Rajdeep Sardesai's and the Burkha Dutts, their analysis for Narendra Modi's victory is hogwash.

I met this Hindu sadhu near this message from Lord Buddha. Its on Evil.


Democracy is actually dangerous especially if the people leave democracy to everyone else but themselves.

Like we left defeating Narendra Modi to a party as incompetent as the Congress.

But I think Narendra Modi's victory meant bad TRP, if he lost TV news channels would get more viewers, this proves that Narendra Modi will never be India's Prime Minister.

I have been to Gujarat and there is no freedom there.

I would never like to live in Gujarat.

You can't even eat an egg without hurting Gujarati Hindu sentiment !


Buddha's middle path is what is needed.

As journalists we see just too much evil that sometimes it feels they (evil) always win.

But I have been wrong.

Take the example of the physiotherapist recently gangraped in New Delhi and the angry protestors on Raisni Hills - the Presidential Palace.

Its unprecedented and the western media describe this as India's Rage Against Rape !

But I still feel Indians are not angry enough or they do not know how to be angry.

Look what they are doing and talking about.

They actually go and meet Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi (whose sole aim is on how to hang on to power and not better India)

And even while the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde keeps saying the Indian government cannot go to India Gate.

But Mr. Shinde it is time the government did go to India Gate instead of sending your  uniformed goons to assault even women protesters.

But the protesters really don't know how to be angry....they are demanding a change in laws...and hanging.

Instead, I would say India Gate should be like Egypt's Tehrir Square...a movement so overwhelming and peaceful that even the governments worst force can't move them.

Look how the Indian police assault the protestors and kill a journalist in Manipur, and governments pretend they don't own the police.

They just want the protestors to get out of the way. Putin Is Coming.

They have to sign new deals.....Defence deals....more useless Russian weaponry...more debt....

But who will defend the citizen of India?

I don't think Indians know how to be angry otherwise they would not take stupid pledges on television saying they will report every rape to the police!

Police !

The pledge should be really to demand the lockout of all police stations in the country.

You will see India will become safe.

Disarm and disband India's police force completely. Send them home.

You will see India will become safe.

I actually went to a police station and asked the inspector if he could spare one of his men.

He asked me why?

I took out my wallet and taking out a Rs..100 note I gave him and requested him to buy a BIG Lock.

He looked surprised...and asked me why again.

I told him, "This is to lock the police station.."

I don't know if any Indian has done this.

And I'm not a Maoist.

If you expect the men in uniform to be your protectors then you are highly wrong.

Treat both the criminals and the men in Khaki with the same alertness and you will see what I am talking about.

Then you look up to the judiciary.

I will tell you what happens there.

They don't believe a single witness but the judge believes the single criminal.

They call it the law.

That is why the Pakistani minister comes here and says only Kasab's statement is not enough evidence.

He wants us to believe Laskhar is a humanitarian organisation.

Indian's simply are not angry enough.

Not even when Kasab and gang butchered people on November 26.

Why do Indian's always take out candle marches?

Its like saying...."Oh my government its all right you are using water cannons against us but its cold this December, at least use hot water."

The Hindustan Times has this story on justice.

Abdul Mannan raped and killed Kalyani at Kathra village, Manigachi, in Darbhanga, on February 18, 2004.

He was awarded the death penalty for the crime.

The matter goes in appeal to the High Court and the Supreme Court.

The appeal is dismissed at every stage and the capital punishment order upheld.

The convict even escaped from prison once.

It is already 20 months since the Supreme Court described this as a rarest of rare case and ordered hanging...yet the State is still sleeping.

The rapist Abdul Mannan is enjoying his life.

I really don't think Indians are angry enough.

Otherwise they won't be asking just protection from the government, they should be asking the government to go.

Manmohan Singhji your time is up. Enough.

Soniaji please go.

Rahulji - can you please spare India?

And I don't care about Sushmaji either....or their smooth-talking lawyers.

Or Lalooji who wants the rapists to go to hell !

First his own will have to go to hell.

Remember Shilpi Jain rape and murder.

Laloo's brother-in-law Sadhu Yadav was the prime accused in the case.

I won't go into details but the courts exonerated him and when Shilpi's brother wanted to get the case re-opened he was kidnapped !

The NDA government and Vajpayee's CBI could not manage to get even the blood sample of Sadhu Yadav !

So I don't know what ABVP activists are doing at India Gate.

Sadhu Yadav is now an honourable member of Sonia Gandhi's Congress Party !

There are only two castes in the India - the politician and the people.

Does it anger you when the traffic is held up by a lathi-weilding cavalcade when Nitish Kumar is going someplace to cut a ribbon or the PM?

Or do you call them your saviours?

I think Indians are not angry.

I remember coming back to Patna and trying to enter a shop with my parents...there was water flowing outside and they had placed a wooden plank for customers to get inside....I was so angry that I went and shouted at the shopkeeper that surely he can get his drain cleaned?

He looked so calm, "Sir, I think you don't belong here. This is just a drain. Here entire colonies are flooded.."

And sure enough. As a journalist I saw entire colonies being under water..and lawyers wading out of their homes...and going to work without a word.

My colleague took a boat !

It still floods in Patna.

Indians are not angry enough.

I also saw entire north Bihar under can't imagine going on a boat for five hours and just water all that looked like the end of the world.

As far as the eye could see.

And you meet an old marooned man looking up at the skies for some helicopter to drop a food packet.

Nothing comes.

He is angry.

But what can he really do.

Except shout at me..the only person who has made the effort to even meet him.

I wonder why our young men and women did not go to Gujarat.

I wish they had gone to Gujarat.

Perhaps, they are still not angry at 1000 people being killed in Narendra Modi's Gujarat.

They are not angry because they have a caste and religion.

They are not angry because they have not seen violence real close.

They are not angry enough because they have not been to Bihar and driven down the Patna-Jehanabad road where every village is witness to massacres of every kind....famous tourist destinations.

They are not angry because they think the world will end one day..they do not know that actually the world ends every single day.

The world ends when you don't get angry.

But how will you know?

You don't know the smell of  rotting human flesh.....and blood in the killing fields....

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