Friday, May 10, 2013

Pakistan Politics - Back To Future

By Manuwant Choudhary

Even as Pakistan goes to the polls...under the Taliban's threats...and the worlds gaze...I wonder how and whether Pakistan will ever emerge from its troubles to give to its people the peace and prosperity that every government must strive for...

But from the soundbites and recent happenings...its definitely not promising.

And for this just look at its leaders.....

Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, who refers to himself as a `liberal' on Indian TV, but in Pakistan he is more like a jihadist...and even the Taliban offer no threats to him...and the only one who could freely campaign..until the big fall.

Then you have Zardari...he is so corrupt...that from 10 per cent we are not sure what to call him now....even his son Bilawal has ditched him...

His former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani seemed a resaonable guy but now his son has been kidnapped in broad daylight while electioneering.

And not to forget the General...Musharraf..braver in his return to Pakistan than to cross the Loc before Kargil.

But he is in prison.

And Nawaz Sharief..the Punjab heavyweight...who talks about Pakistan needing mature politicians who can make the A-bomb...someone who was not even aware his General planned an attack on India.

But more worrying is the fact that Mr. Sharief could come to power just like the Congress has won in Karnataka and he wants the Americans to go home...but does not say much about how Pakistan will fight Taliban terror....

Democracy is a way to recycle politicians..not a way to dump them altogether.

I fear for Pakistan...and I'm happy the other Bhutto not running...

Politics is hazardous....and after what happened to Imran Khan..even our Lalooji's car fell into a ditch.

And Laloo has his own rally this 15th...and even with glass splinters in his head he has been doing the rounds of Gandhi maidan in Patna to make sure the stage does not collapse like Imran's !

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