Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rape & Crime - The Untold Growth Story In Nitish Kumar's Bihar

By Manuwant Choudhary

Nitish Kumar is  a shrewd clever...that  despite a growth in crime ..Biharis `feel' safer.

But again you may ask which Bihari...does it mean that upper caste dacoits are now allowed to get away..

These are not my figures but those supplied by the Bihar police...and if you look closely and compare cognisable crime figures in Laloo's 2001 it was a high 95942 but in 2012 under the Good Governance of Nitish Kumar it is 1,60,271.

Even rapes have gone up...from 746 in 2001 to 927 in 2012.

Murders have remained nearly the same.

More riots too...8520 riots in Rabri's rule...while its been 10871 in Nitish Kumar's rule.

Dacoities and robberies have gone down but Burglary has gone up by more than 700.

Even Kidnappings have multipled many times...1689 in 2001 while it is 4737 in 2012.

Only kidnappings for ransom have gone down from 385 to 70...but then why would so many be kidnapped if not for money.

Are these kidnappings for marriages?

Bank dacoities have declined but when they loot...the booty is crores.

I wonder what Nitish Kumar gives to the newspapers in Bihar not to publish these figures.

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