Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Journey Across The Sand Dunes of Rajasthan 12

By Manuwant Choudhary

These cows stared back at us as if saying `The Elections Are Over, Now What Do You Want?'

India must be the only country in the world where Cows Vote !

Yes, you heard right....I mean caste..the Cow factor is critical.

Let me explain.

If Cows did not Vote..the Bharatiya Janata Party and formerly Jan Sangh would not have carried out so many political movements to ban cow slaughter.

And even Narendra Modi is today India's Prime Minister because he won in the `Cow Belt'...

His victory has thrown up a debate whether Majoratarian Rule would lead to Authoratarian Rule.....

If only cows could speak, I wonder what they would have asked for?

In Rajasthan we saw ordinary people like all good Hindus feed the cows.

No sign of the government.

Cows like camels just die in the desert heat...for want of water, fodder and medical care.

So cows should be a priority for a Hindu government in Delhi and Jaipur.

Sadly, it is not.

If cows could speak probably they would ask India's Prime Minister to bring back Nandan Nilekani to New Delhi so that he could make UID for all cows.

And maybe..even bank accounts in their individual would be called the `Go Dhan Yojana'...

And they would be happy that the Planning Commission has been abolished..after all for 60 years cows got a raw deal.

Even the Gaushalaas (trusts to keep cows) have lands but they are all captured by the mafia.

And then like camels they too have to walk right across North be smuggled across the border into Bangaldesh.

Cows are definitely not happy with Maneka Gandhi, after all she is only a `Kutte-Billi' politician.

And this time they gave her child welfare.

But Modiji got rid of her child Varun...despite him being from the cow belt....

Holy Cow !

If you are secular you would think about all animals, not just cows...Rajasthan has a rich animal heritage...

The peacock is our national bird...and is beautiful.

Indians are an indisciplined lot...and all Indians should see these disciplined ducks in the army...when soldiers take them home...they stop when the soldier stops and move only when the soldier moves.

Then as we drove across we saw speed limit signboards warning us about Sambars..and we did see several of them.

I always think how Bollywood does not do enough for animals.

Instead they manufacture crass songs like `Aunty Police Bulwa Degi'.

Just then I saw a Black Buck dart across the fields...but I did not shoot it like Salman Khan.

No Kaitrina Kaif to see me in Jodhpur prison.

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