Thursday, October 1, 2015

No Heroes In Indian Politics (1)

By Manuwant Choudhary

Just like the film `Hero' where all are villains, so it is with Indian politics.

I watched the film `Hero' and soon realised that it really had no heroes.

Promoted under the Salman Khan banner...the film is a birthday gift to Sooraj Pancholi, yes the same person who was Jiah Khan's boyfreind at the time she died mysteriously.

Bollywood has like one real murder mystery every ten years but nobody really solves and the parties just go on...

Does anybody remember Divya Bharti?

Of course, the Sheena Bora murder case has overtaken Bollywood but then we do live in the age of television.

Coming back to Hero the film is about how a `Goonda's' son falls in love with a police inspector's daughter....but soon you realise that even the police are just the same `Goons in uniform'.

I waited and waited for Salman but after three hours with the titles rolling there he was singing `Ki Main Hoon Tera Hero".

No, no, definitely not.

Not even him.

In Salman's next  movie he will make even Indrani Mukherjea look like a Saint wronged....

I thought Bollywood is so much like our politics.

Look at whats happening in Bihar.

The mahagatbandhan is actually just a gatbandhan now...Mulayam has walked out..the Communists are on their own...

Nitish is alone on the posters.

Laloo says he just wants his sons to win.

And Laloo's Jungle Raj is better than the BJP Mangal Raj.

12 crore rupees have already been caught in Bihar.....

And Ram Vilas is his son Chirag....but a report today showed his village has no electricity even today...`Chiarg Tale Andhera'....

Its your caste versus mine or your religion against mine.

And the only alternative is one Pappu Yadav !

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