Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bihar Prohibition 1 - `Thou Shall Eat Soap' !

By Manuwant Choudhary

I was at the Patna Super Market when I saw everyone just buying soaps.

Soaps were flying off the shelves faster than shooting stars.

Only one customer (on condition of anonymity) agreed to speak to me, he said he does not want to be hanged)

Me: So tell me why everyone is buying it do with some festival like Chhath where everyone has to be clean?

Customer: Shhh..shhhh....those men standing in safari suits are Nitish Kumar's men from the Excise department.

Me: But what has Excise department got to do with soap?

Customer: In a days time you will not find a single soap in Bihar?

Me: But why?

Customer: I am telling you I don't want to go to the gallows...ahh life is so beautiful.

Me: I am just asking you why you are buying soap and you are talking about death? Are you commiting suicide?

Customer: Never, never. I will never commit suicide. But I do support Rakhi Sawant when she says ban all ceiling fans.

Me: But I am not asking you about ceiling fans, I am asking you about soap.

Customer: Soap is an essential item.

Me: I agree..but why suddenly everyone is buying soap..earlier these Super Markets did not know how to sell their soap and now this windfall? Is it some advert you have watched?

Customer: No, no...we don't watch television or hear the radio...such absurd government ads are there about my son becoming a jharoo-walla.

Me: You mean like Kejriwal.

Customer: No, no, jharuwalla like who come to clean your home.

Me: You are changing the topic. I just want to know about soap.

Customer: Ahh soap is the best invention of man.

Me: Not really, man has invented so many wonderful things.

Customer: Nothing like soap....

Me: I am getting tired of your just tell me what this is all about.

Customer (In whispers): Since Nitish Kumar has banned the Booze Bars..we have moved to Bars of Soap !

(To be continued)

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