Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Hum Dilli Haar Gaye Hain" from film Junoon 1978

By Manuwant Choudhary

Junoon 1978 is among the best Indian films on Indian War For Independence (1857)...based on Ruskin Bonds A Flight Of Pigeons.

This Shyam Benegal film is worth watching especially the acting of Naseeruddin Shah.

After a battle he returns home...and he is angry...very angry...not so much with the British but with our own people...the one's who betrayed.

"Hum Dilli Haar Gaye Hain."

Today in the UK we see that anger play out in a different way.

The `Will of the People' is a double edged sword...

Britains leaving the EU could mean its better for India since the British could employ Indians more freely.

Yet, it could also mean the end of liberal agenda and the nationalists would prefer little immigration if at all.

As we watch with concern events unfold in Britain, its ironical that a Sadik Khan would lead London to independence !

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