Monday, July 18, 2016

Titan Yadav !

By Manuwant Choudhary

I don't believe the Yadav clan in Bihar has any need of a watch.

Like Laloo Yadav does not have a cellphone.

So when I see a posse of policemen outside the Titan showroom at P & M Mall, Patna, I wonder who is come shopping.

Just then dressed in a T-shirt and jeans I see Laloo Yadav's elder son Tej Pratap - Bihar's health minister, lankily walk out and away.

I wonder what happened inside.

Did he find his Titan watch?

And more importantly did he pay?

A month ago I overheard a shopowner talking to someone, "Aapke sambandh Lalooji se kaisa hai?" (How is your relation to Lalooji?"

In any other state this would not be a preoccupation of shopowners.

What they would be concerned with is their products and services and whether their customers like them.

Tej Pratap is Bihar's health minister and although his younger brother Tejaswi is the deputy CM, the one to watch out for is Tej.

Yet, as per their sworn affidavits Tej is younger !

On his website he is introduced like this, "Tej Pratap Yadav needs no introduction....being the son of Laloo Yadav..."

Then there is a video on why people voted for him..he is seen playing the conch and a flute wearing a golden crown to look like krishna.

There was no tune yet in noisy least some free entertainment.

Bihar's health needs are best its rudimentary.

Yet, the health minister has asked doctors to be present 24/7.

Its any one's guess whether they will abide.

The poor suffer more in Bihar..the rich go to Delhi, inlcluding ministers and hangers-on.

Tej is in the news mostly for the wrong reasons...first he said upekshit instead of apekshit in his swearing-in.

Then he threatened a journalist with defamation if he did not delete a video.

He rides a horse sometimes.

What a shame ...both of Laloo's sons are not adequately educated....and this inspite of being in power for 15 years !

A security guard was heard complaining, "Sir, I am a graduate and see I am sitting here at this ATM."

The ATM customer replied, "Bewakoof zyada kyon padha liya..sirf Matric rehte to Deputy CM ban jaate."

Its interesting the meaning of Titan...acoording to Greek mythology the children of Uranus and Gaea who wanted to rule heaven but were overthrown by the family of Zeus.

Democracy comes from Greece too and I sometimes wonder if we elect wisely.

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