Friday, August 29, 2008

20 killed in boat capsize in flooded Bihar

At least 20 persons are reported to have drowned when a government boat carrying out rescue work in Murliganj village in flooded Madhepura capsized.

32 persons inluding army jawans and a policeman are among the rescued, but eight persons are still traceless and there is no confirmation whether they have swum to safety or been swollowed by the kosi.

Reports on ETV Bihar by relatives and even flood victims calling up the news channels for help when no government help comes for the entire day only shows the distress level amongst those marooned.

One person called from Saharsa to say that his relatives are currently being robbed at gunpoint as they were fleeing the floods in a private boat. He demanded on live TV, "The Bihar government should order `shoot at sight' against the robbers who are taking advantage of this situation."

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