Friday, August 22, 2008


`The King's Hawk and The Owls'

By Manuwant Choudhary

In this age of infotainment and cellphone commerce less time and money is spent on reading books but in the process one misses out even on ancient wisdom like this book I found in Bombay The Hundred Tales of Wisdom by Idries Shah, published by Rupa & Co.

The author Idries Shah was born in Shimla to a Scottish mother and Sunni Muslim father and later they went to England where he studied at Oxford. Idries was born in 1924 and died in 1996 and as a writer he authored some 35 books of them many are bestsellers.

The Hundred Tales of Wisdom is about the Life, Teachings and Miracles of Jalaludin Rumi and it has been translated from Persian by Idries Shah revealing the ancient wisdom of the dervishes.

Every story is a must read and the tales are so beautiful and full of meaning that you can read it again and again.
Like this story `The King's Hawk and The Owls'.

There was once a noble hawk, which belonged to a king.

Flying one day the hawk became tired, and settled on a ruined building to rest. The ruin was, however, the home of a colony of owls, who resented his presence.

The owls attacked this noble creature, who told them that he meant no harm, and that he was only passing through their domain.

But the owls cried:
"Do not listen to him! How could he have anything to do with a King? He is lying, in order to deprive us of our home by guile!"

From this tale, can you tell who is the noble hawk and who are the owls at Singur?

Cost of the Book is Rs.150/0nly so buy one now.

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