Friday, September 12, 2008


By Manuwant Choudhary

After Mumbai's filmstars deciding to speak only in Marathi..from Rekha, to Dilip Saab, to Akhshay Kumar..even Katrina Kaif has decided to give up learning Hindi for learning Marathi..

And with all actors swearing they are more Marathi than even Raj Thackeray, now even advertisers are planning all their advertisements in Marathi, even if people in India and around the world do not understand them at all.

As long as Raj will be happy they would be spared of Goonda Raj!

Who wouldn't agree that your own life is more important than selling a few extra soaps? And why even Big B has become a small b after he apologised to Raj.

So Mumbai's advertisers have decided to unleash new Marathi ads onto India. All billboards will be in Marathi.

Afterall Maharashtra is greater than India.

Even Sonia Gandhi is more comfortable with giving Marathi speaches although written in Roman letters...after all its her government there.

But there was one problem.

There was no problems with the translations into Marathi of old ads except when one advertiser tried to translate `Only Vimal'....

The Marathi for `Only Vimal' sounds something like `Fuk the Vimal'!!!!!

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Sauvik said...

u have hit the nail on the head - signboards are a form of advertisement

but the legal issue is whether they are private property

of course they are

and so should the high court rule - so that raj's bullshit is over once and for all