Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dog Sense

By Manuwant Choudhary

A month before the Kosi breached its embankment and drowned half of Bihar I had told friends how at my Patna home four stray dogs have suddenly started climbing onto my car roof.

My staff informed me about the dogs attributing this strange behaviour to the waterlogging in Patliputra colony but I told him not to mind the sratches on the car and let them be.

I knew dogs had a certain sense we humans have lost in our mindless chase for cellphones and other modern gizmos.
I told a friend that something terrible may happen.

So when the Kosi brought the disaster to Bihar I wish to recall the stray dogs who live under my flat - their eyes scared, hungry and wet but no they did not want food. They wanted protection.

So today I just searched the net for photos of dogs on car roofs and I found this photo taken during the hurricane Katrina.

Surely, dogs have more sense than the politicians we elect.

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