Saturday, September 6, 2008


By Manuwant Choudhary

For 60 years most parts of India is without electricty and now there is another lie being propogated by the national media that nuclear energy means electrifying India.

I can guarantee you India will not get electricity for another 100 years.

India's villages are dark not because we do not have nuclear energy.

India's villages are dark because we have a socialist economy.

An economy where only the state takes upon itself a monopoly to produce and supply electricty.

And like all things government - they fail, thereby impoverishing people.

Todays headline news is of our sky-blue turbaned Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's nuclear success and this he hopes will become the election battle-cry.

Do you know why half of Bihar is flooded? Thats also for the same reason. Socialism.

The State took upon itself the task of building dams and embankments in order to protect its people from yearly floods.

And like all things government as the years went on the projects were forgotten, the dams neglected, the bunds left to collpase with the first rains in Nepal.

But one thing is certain that in all this our politicians did what they know best - make money, lots of it.

When India's former railway minister LN. Mishra was killed in a bomb attack on the Samastipur railway platform, the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi immediately blamed Jaiprakash Narayan for killing L.N. Mishra, a powerful Congress politcian.

JP of course blamed Indira.

On the day of the killing of L.N. Mishra, many opposition leaders like Piloo Modi of Swatantra Party and the socialist Karpoori Thakur were at my home.

When the press asked Piloo Modi as to who killed L.N. Mishra, Mr. Modi just lifted a rather large bundle of files and dropped it onto the table. "All my years of hard work has been wasted."

These were the files exposing the corruption in the Kosi project by L.N. Mishra and with the money he was funding Sanjay Gandhi's Maruti project.

So if you drive a Maruti Suzuki car today spare a thought for the dying people in flooded Bihar today.

As for the nuclear headline, ordinary people are left wondering how great an achievment it has been for India.

My take on that is the Nuclear Suppliers Group is just like your street corner vegetable vendor. Does the vegetable vendor say I do not like your face so I will not sell you vegetables?"

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Sauvik said...

I totally agree that, armed with nuclear power, the stranglehold of The State on the electricity sector will continue for ever - and we will always suffer power cuts.

Also, without the protection of torts, we will suffer grievously if any nuclear accidents occur.

My only question to those who championed this nuclear deal is: Would you like a nuclear power plant to be built in your city, town or village?

I am sure even the most Reichwing editor will have to say "No."

I rest my case.