Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gift A Pink Chaddi To The Sri Ram Sene On Valentine's Day!

Women, young and old, all over India are currently looking for their really old pink chaddi's to gift it to the Sri Ram Sene after a call by thepinkchaddicampaign, a consortium of loose pub-going forward women, after women were attacked by Sr Ram Sene activists for going to a pub in Bangalore. Sri Ram Sene is a right-wing hardline Hindu organisation that believes it is alright to attack women who go to pubs in order to `preserve' Indian culture. The BJP government in Karnataka does not stop them either so women plan to send them some love this Valentine's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering what Pramod Mutthalik, Sri Ram Sene chief, do with all the gifted pink chaddi's?

1) Sell them in a nearby bazaar (market)?

2) Open a pink chaddi store?

3) Send them all to the RSS Headquarters in Nagpur?

4) Wear em all?

5) Any better answers??????