Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stimulus Or Scam!

By Manuwant Choudhary

In 5 years the only word chacha Manmohan S. Gandhi learnt is `stimulus' and he uttered the word like the enlightenment received by Buddha, while returning on a plane from the United States...

And while President Obama threatens his Senate to approve the 900 billion dollar `stimulus' to save corporate world, or else there will be a `catastrophe', in India too the government has formally accepted this stimulus solution without any debate.

But the reason I write now is that even the media has approached the UPA government for a stimulus and the Congress government just before elections are due is actively considering their request.

Just like the NDA government gave a 400 crore rupees advertisement campaign `India Shining' and lost the elections, it seems the UPA too is on a path of national disaster.

But what saddens me is that this may mark the end of journalism.

An American economist said that the stimulus is really a scam as governments will have to decide which company to help and whom to ignore - there being no rationale or equal ground.

Therefore, the right approach to save jobs and companies would be to axe the tax across the board so that economic activities are revived.

Latest news is that if President Obama gets his package he will spend it on building infrastructure in the US and the money lost would be to states and schools.

Robbing Paul to pay Peter.

Obama is a socialist and he does not realise that America can build not just their own roads but ours as well.

Welcome to Bihar President Obama.

And build those world class roads that our politicians simply don't know how to build.

Why? Because they are all socialists just like you are.

Before elections the corporate world gives a stimulus to the political parties and after the elections the government will return it with interest.

Wow, I love this democracy!


irajeshme said...

stimulus is such a stimulating word..maybe like viagra...guess this would sound better...also it has better results..and one reached the inevitable anyway.....

Anonymous said...

Mukesh Ambani has met CPI (M) boos Prakash Karat for `stimlus'!!!