Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ram Sena Abandons Valentines Day Protest

Latest news is that the Sri Ram Sene has abandoned its plans to protest February 14 Valentines Day as they fear the violence on that day will be blamed on them.

Its clearly a carefully thought out strategy by the Sena indicating that there could be violence on that day and the Sena simply wants to wash its hands off.

After having attacked women in a Mangalore pub and even justififying it one wonders why the Sena suddenly has become `an apostle of peace'.

They say their withdrawal has nothing to do with the `pink panty campaign' which they describe as `cheap' but the fact that they have succeeded as Valentines Day is being debated by all across India.

Debate? What debate? Just more pink panties bing sold.

All freedom loving Indians must celebrate Valentines Day without fear of being married off by some rogue Sena.

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