Friday, December 31, 2010

Someone Killed Aarushi

By Manuwant Choudhary

Someone killed Aarushi. This is clear from CBIs closure report...its just that the CBI does not think there is enough evidence to find WHO killed Aarushi.

I must also admit, not just the CBI..our hundreds of journalists sitting in New Delhi do a poor job of investigating this case. Even interviews with Dr. Talwar are shoddy and it doesn't help move the case an inch.

I have not visited the Talwar residence so it is difficult to conjecture about circumstantial evidence but just because a father `looks' innocent we should not give him a clean chit. Nor should we absolve him simply because he is a father. Sympathy should be backed by cold facts.

But nor should we hold him guilty without cold facts. The CBI abandoning the case midway is suspicious.

Let us observe some of the facts or fiction in CBIs closure report as written in the Times of India.

1) The Talwars slept through the crime being committed in their home because they could not hear a thing due to the noise of the AC.

2) Usually Hemraj - the servant opens the door for the maid, this morning Mrs. Nupur Talwar threw the keys from the balcony.

3) There was no forced entry into the home.

4) Nupur Talwar was composed that morning and three minutes later both Nupur and Rajesh Talwar start howling in Aarushi's room `Dekh Hemraj ne kya kar diya.,' in front of the maid.

5) the body of Aarushi was found wrapped in a sheet.

6) The crime scene was cleaned up by the Talwars before the UP police could take charge of the spot.

7) The injuries on the body of Aarushi and the servant Hemraj was by blunt weapon and also a sharp scalpel or khukri on neck but the post mortem report says the death occurred by injuries by the blunt weapon .

8) The blunt weapon could be a golf club.

9) The closure report speaks of an attempt to fix the post-mortem report to ensure that there is no mention of rape. It says that Dr Dinesh Talwar, Rajesh's brother, made Dr Sunil Dohre of the Noida Hospital, who was conducting the autopsy, speak with a person he introduced as Dr T D Dogra, head of the department of forensic medicine at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The person told Dohre that no mention of rape was needed. CBI, however, found out from Dr Dogra, a renowned authority, that he never spoke with Dohre.

10) A blood sample found on a whisky bottle did not match with that of Aarushi or Hemraj.

Let us take this case one step at a time logically.

1) The door was locked from inside when the murder was committed so it has to be someone within the house or unless the door of the Talwar household can be opened from the outside using a duplicate key. This needs to be seen whether or not the Talwars fasten their door from the inside or just use a lock. No journalist has given a detailed account of the Talwaar's door. This really could be the key to unravelling the mystery.

2) If it was an outside job then it could be done by servants or even criminals. If its an inside job then the suspicion is on the couple (because Hemraj is also killed)

3) While the couple blamed Hemraj, his body was only discovered the next day on their terrace. The UP police did not even search the home properly after the crime.

4) This doctor Dr. Sunil Dohre who conducted the autopsy needs to be probed further because he admits he did not give the rape report because Dr. Talwars brother made him speak to some top doctor (who later denies he spoke to Dr. Dohre). Dr. Dohre should be booked also. Was the UP police also involved in this cover up? Generally autopsies in India are conducted under police monitoring.

5) If Aarushi was killed by a blunt weapon then what was the need for a sharp weapon being used on neck. Was this only an effort to mislead the investigations.

6) the blood on the whiskey bottle is not of Aarushi or Hemraj. Then is it that of the father Dr. Rajesh Talwar? If it is not his then does it belong to the `outsider' who did it. Or is also another attempt by Dr. Talwar to mislead the investigations.

7) Why was the crime scene cleaned up? What do the Talwars have to say on this? I have not heard a word on this from the Talwars.

8) Dr. Rajesh Talwar says the police found nothing in brain mapping and naro-analysis so I am innocent. Such tests help to corroborate. Its not absolute and that is why they are not accepted in courts without other evidence to nail accused.

9) The CBI and the UP police needs to be investigated and individuals held accountable for this mess.

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IFAN - Indian FNF Alumni Association said...

Was Aarushi Talwar really killed? Perhaps she has scripted a meticuluous plan to vanish. Perhaps the crime scene was only a media creation. Hemraj may have taken sanyas. The bodies may have been toys, planted by aliens to confuse the CBI.