Thursday, January 27, 2011

India's New Fight Against Corruption

By Manuwant Choudhary

A march against corruption in New Delhi on January 30 led by Swami Agnivesh, Baba Ram dev, Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare to make India's government accountable and stop corruption.

Swami Agnivesh says India must bring back all the Indian money stashed away in Swiss banks...he tells NDTV anchor Vinod Dua that the only way to bring back the black money of tax defaulters is by citizens stoppping to pay taxes to the Indian government.

He says the money in Swiss accounts is equivalent to 9 years of all taxes collected by the Indian government and all its states - if the money is brought back India can have a 9 year tax holiday.

Anti-corruption movements in India have been popular in the past and governments have also changed yet corruption has always increased.

Not just oil everything you do you pay money...even if you want a gun licence.

The only way to reduce corruption is by reducing the role of governments, but this motely crowd of anti-corruption movement will always want more regulation, more government being fed on socialism all their lives.

It is only Rajaji's Swatantra formula that can bring corruption to its minimum but India's social and religious leaders don't understand economics and the root cause of corruption.

Yet, the public mood in India is getting hotter and the anti-corruption movement could spread across India and there could be more civil unrest on the streets in months to come.

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Siddhartha said...

Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in 'Culture of Poverty'(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of 'poverty') in their own life / attitude, involve themselves in 'Production of Space'(H. Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up. - S. Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101.